i like the usa…

I’m a big boy now, mommy wow.  My first professional job is great… I get to work in a Center that combines the best of student life and faculty, a center focused on real, in-depth looks at diversity, inclusion, social justice and glocal affairs (yes, you read that right.  Global=Local=GLocal… deal with it.)

So, what is one of the highlight moments of my time here so far at Wooster?  It came during International Student Orientation, at our final event, a dinner at the President’s house.  I was sitting with a group of female international students, a couple from China and one from Sierra Leone, actually the first student from Sierra Leone ever at the College.

At one point, the student from Sierra Leone asked one of our Chinese students “Is it true that in China, you do not have any human rights?”  Upon hearing this, I tensed up, looking back and forth between the two as if at a tennis match, waiting to hear where this conversation would go.  What followed was a really interesting 5-minute conversation where the Chinese student openly admitted the amount of government control in her country and was very frank about the impact that her government has on lifestyles and approaches to sensitive topics like politics, religion and rights and liberties.

She ended with, “I love America, because we can have conversations like this freely.”

I could not have said it better myself.  I just wish we had those conversations more often.


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