ACUI Day 1…

Day One is a busy day, with opportunities to get reconnected, volunteer, and learn.

My day started off with my awesome presentation partner, @jeffbc94, going over our presentation on Digital Student Identity during Block 1, bright and early at 8am on Monday.  I’m looking forward to getting into discussion on this presentation and getting deeper into the issue of how student development theory is changing due to the digital revolution and easy access to social media.  I am also super happy that the topic sort of divided itself into three themes of sorts that make it easy to address, students leadership, student safety and students in the job market.  It also helps that my co-presenter likes to keep it lively, so our Prezi is full of memes and cartoons from The Oatmeal.

After some volunteering as a technology coach, at the registration desk, and with the ERF Silent Auction, it was time for a quick lunch before the Keynote Speaker, Shane Lopez from Gallup.  Shane spoke on StrengthsQuest and utilizing and fully realizing our strengths.    I took a lot away from this presentation, especially pieces about how we give feedback, and that if we focus on the weaknesses of those around us, they will only shut down.  Identify strengths, celebrate those, find out why they are strengths, and utilize and capitalize on those methods.  Our challenge and takeaway from that talk was to utilize one of our strengths once each day this week at the conference, and share that with others and to the world via the interwebs.  I’m choosing my top strength, Context, because it’s my favorite (I’m a history major, so I have to love it).  I think it came out tonight talking with colleagues, and hearing their references to past conferences, past successes and past lessons, I kept wanting to know more about ACUI’s history to better understand how it came to be what it is today, and how I fit into it as a new professional.

Quick Regional meetings were next, and getting to hang out with wonderful Region 7 peeps is always great.

Then, it was off on the T to UMass Boston for the opening reception at their Campus Center, which is huge and awesome a great site for the opening reception.  I’ll admit, and it won’t be a shocker to those who know me, my I-ness was on high alert and freaking me out, all while simultaneously telling me to network while being completely fearful of talking to people I don’t know.  That is my eternal conference inner dialogue really.  Any other I’s feel that way?

The reception continued at the JFK Presidential Library, where I got to check out the introduction video to the museum (which I learned new things), and then made it just in time to witness ACUI Debate greatness as Jeff P. defended the honor of Region 7 well.  Also, Marsha Herman-Betzen said it, so it is true, but “unionversity.”

So that’s it for now… my shirt is ironed, my alarm is on, my Starbucks attack gameplan is ready.

Let’s get educated!


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