roller coaster tycoon…

Roller Coaster Tycoon was one of my only loves of computer gaming… I rarely played video games on the computer… never really got into it.  However, Roller Coaster Tycoon was very different.

1. The graphic design of the game.  Pixels in an age of a space race for bigger and better resolutions and designs.  Games around that time were trying to one up each other in their design, layouts, and beauty, while Tycoon kept it simple, easy, and smooth.  Plus, pixel art has always been one of those cool and hard fields of digital art that I have always been super excited by, and have always wanted to, and tried, to replicate.

2. You get to play “God” in a simpler, but challenging format.  The challenges and scenarios in the various versions of RCT are not too hard that they are unattainable, but provide enough of a challenge to keep you on track and allow you to still have fun.  You are also at the mercy of the game, while you still have some control (Research and Development/weather/ride breakdowns).  Additionally, in RCT 2, you can take some time off from the scenarios, and create the craziest coasters you can think of, or in my case, recreate coasters I’ve been on (Loch Ness Monster – Busch Gardens Williamsburg/Dueling Dragons – Universal Studios Orlando).  I could have spent hours in this Matrix of creation.

If there has been one upside to the demise and downfall of my MacBook Pro, and my new acquisition of this Samsung laptop, is the ability to relive my middle-school childhood through Roller Coaster Tycoon.


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