tiramisu cupcakes…

So, I wanted to try filled tiramisu cupcakes…

They came out good… but really, if I had to describe them, I would say they are more like

“Coffee” followed by this image: 







Here’s the recipe source.

I kept the cupcakes the same.

For the filling, I did the Mascarpone shindig, but I used brewed coffee and Kahlua.  I added a bit too much liquid maybe, and it was runny when I put it in, but oh my, once they sat there for a bit, the cupcake around the filling soaked it right up, and make it moist and super-yum.

For the frosting, I did a basic coffee buttercream, using brewed coffee again, rather than the instant coffee granules.  Honestly, the idea of coffee granules in there just kinda freaked me out.

They were yummo, and a hit at the party I brought them to.


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