I’m sorry.  I’m really really sorry.  It has been like, what, over a month with no postings?  Sorry.

This summer has been all over the place.  Between the cross-country trip and vacay in San Diego (which I’m still halfway done drafting up a post on… sorry), flying to Boston to get some apartment hunting and signing done, and trying to soak up Cbus and time with Eugene’s friends as much as possible, it has been an all over summer, and I’ve certainly neglected this here bloggy thingy and other aspects of my life.

But, alas… we are safely now living in Boston.  We live out in Allston, west of the city, and smack dab in between BU and BC.  We live right down the street from an epic Asian grocery and food court, complete with a Ramen shop that features the best ramen since Japan (chicken karage too).  Dangerously, we also have a frozen yogurt place right at the end of our street (we have agreed to going twice a week).  Additionally, we have found that the tavern down the street does great $3 pizzas on Tuesdays, and the fish taco place about 10 minutes away has amazing $2 fish tacos on Wednesdays.  We are also a 3 minute walk from T stops, and one two main bus routes into Cambridge.  It’s a good location, but I think we will move to a different apartment in this area next year so that we can have pets and paint, and that will be our place for years to come I think.

Some quirks though about Boston…

Number First: The Parking Situation.  I basically have to transfer everything about my car and life over to Massachusetts before I can get an Allston/Brighton neighborhood parking pass, which is just excessive and ridiculous.  Like, I’m living here… why do I have to do all this other stuff just to get a parking pass.  So, Eugene and I park Sparks (my Matrix) in non-resident parking spaces for a few days at a time and then move it and hope for the best on street cleaning days.  I’m so over this parking thing… also, I never want to drive in Boston.  It’s more than scary.

Number B: Starbucks.  The coffee house situation in this city is fairly dire.  Starbucks here are tiny… honestly.  Like, we are lucky to get a table at one, and there are few viable coffee shop alternatives in the area as well.  Today, we spent about 4 hours at Boston Commons Coffee Company on the east side of Boston Common, which wasn’t bad, but not the coffee shop vibe I know or love.  The search shall continue.

I have decided I will do a job search post once I actually get a job (yes, I do not have a job yet, which is making me question every decision of the past 7 months since I decided to move to Boston with Eugene every 5 minutes – but that is past… it’s time to be wicked awesome and build a career here).  We are talking statistics of my search and stuff, and basically painting a bleak picture of how “heartless” higher education is in letting applicants know their situation.

Until then…


2 thoughts on “bahstan…

  1. Take the T to Harvard Square and check out Peet’s Coffee and Tea in Cambridge. It’s on a nice little park, so if you can’t get a table inside, there are places to sit outside. Pretty sure there’s a used book store, if not across the street, then nearby.

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