tales from the unemployed…

You would think there would be routine when one is unemployed, attempting to do the same thing to keep a semblance of a schedule, making any transition easier.  Not in my case, I guess.

Yes, overall, Eugene and I go to work out in the mornings, but that timeframe is rarely ever the same… one morning it may be at 8am, the next two at 1030am.  The next morning we may just talk ourselves out of it completely.  The afternoons are all over the place.  There is absolutely nothing set in our afternoons.  It could be a walk to Trader Joes or furniture shops in the area, or a few hours at Starbucks pounding out cover letter after cover letter (we are both trying really really hard to be employed), or lounging around under the shade

ICA lounging time.

of the ICA, reading and watching planes take off from Logan.  In fact, I’m writing this in the Panera in Allston in hour 2 of today’s coffee shop excursion.

We are quickly exhausting our Netflix and Hulu queues (we don’t have cable), I’m playing Metroid Prime again as well as Fallout 3, and Eugene is still exploring Skyrim, and we have each read a book or two thus far.

However, there is one thing that we are doing that you all should be doing.  As you know, I’m a lover of cafes, Japan, and polar bears, and we have the perfect combination of all three for ya’ll.  Shirokuma Cafe, which translates into White Bear Cafe (Polar Bears in Japan are called white bears).  Shirokuma Cafe is a Japanese anime that follows Shirokuma, who owns his own cafe, Panda, and Penguin in their daily exploits and adventures, such as Panda’s part time job at the Zoo as, yes, a panda.

Now, I can see it already, you are like “what the…?  This kid has had one too many lobstah rolls.”  FALSE!  It is a good show, with good humor, and accurate and unique insight into Japanese culture.  It’s a good time for all, so get on it.  We prefer the shows and sources from Anime Avenue.

Shirokuma Cafe… why are you reading this and not watching it?


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