the city speaks to me (8/15)…

One of my favorite things on various blogs and tumblrs I follow of those who live in big cities is pictures of writing, graffiti, signs, stickers, etc. and the concept of the city speaking.  I wanted to start doing this with Boston on this blog… one, because I think it is cool – two, because it gives me content without me having to write extensively (shortcuts are the American way!).

So, here you all go, the first post of “the city speaks to me…”

Who will save you meow?


2 thoughts on “the city speaks to me (8/15)…

  1. I tried to reply to one of your earlier Boston posts to ask where you are living? We used to march in the Allston-Brighton Death March I mean Parade every year, it was one of my director’s favorites. I used to travel that section of the T line at least three days a week getting to and from Boooo for ROTC stuff.
    Hope the city is treating you well!

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