when you see stunning art…

Sometimes, you come across images that move you to disbelief, to the point of just needing to sit down and stare, and some to the point where all you can do is smile, laugh, and feel really good.

This set of images is most definitely in the third category.

Surfing Reddit today, I came across “Wizard of Oz in China” illustrated by Billy Nunez.  Here is his bio (he apparently lives in Boston and is working on an MFA (we’re so artsy here!!!)), so go give his art some love, there is some good looking stuff in there.  Please note, there does appear to be some nudity in some galleries, just a disclaimer, but nothing excessive.

Here is what you are missing out on if you do not click the link above…

Image above, Wizard of Oz in China series, and all other associated artwork belongs solely and completely to Billy Nunez at http://www.biz20.biz/


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