without a car…

So, the one piece of life that is missing thus far in Boston (except for the whole I don’t have a job thing) is a parking pass.  See, Massachusetts requires that you turn your driving life over to them when you move into a Boston neighborhood in order to get a neighborhood parking pass.  Not a problem right?

No.  Problem.  See, my parents and I have been having trouble cutting the “I’m an adult cord” for some time now (both sides are guilty), and so a bulk of the paperwork I need for the Massachusetts registration process for the car is in my Dad’s name, so that I’m unable to be like, “Yeah, that’s my Matrix.”  And unfortunately, at the time I was figuring all this out, my parents are rolling around the country (and the Caribbean) on their Retirement Tour.  It is sort of tough to change the name on a Title and Registration in Brazos County, Texas when one is on a Disney Cruise sipping a drink in the Caribbean.

So, until about mid-September, when they get back from their latest impromptu Disney Cruise, my car is thankfully parked at the home of family outside of the city (thank goodness for family!), so that I can hopefully avoid  another ticket and towing (once is enough Boston, thank you very much).

So, until then, Eugene and I are walkers and public transportation takers, which, is awesome, because Boston is a very walkable and train connected city, and it doesn’t make life hard at all, especially when driving is actually harder here in Boston.  I’m wondering how these next few weeks will influence my view of living in a large city, and on how the USA really should be more partial to this invention we call trains and subways, rather than relying on cars to get us from Point A to Point B.

Additionally, I’m wondering how long I’ll last until I write the city and demand that they decrease the number of stops that serves Boston University (3 directly, about 6 overall, it’s insanity.)

Until then… this will be me.


6 thoughts on “without a car…

  1. You two should look at maybe investing in a bicycle 🙂 Matt and I moved to a more urban- place and we hardly use the car anymore. We just recently bought bikes, and I’ve biked to work a few times to get a feel for it. I’m planning on biking more often now… but it feels great!

  2. You guys should look at maybe investing in a bicycle. Since Matt and I moved into a more urban place, we haven’t driven the car much, using more public transit and walking. We also bough some bikes, and now I bike to work most days. It’s great.

    • Eugene is definitely a biker… once he knows where his job is he’ll probably invest in a new one. I, on the other hand, am Sweaty McSweaterson, so I am really scared to bike to work and be absolutely disgusting when I get there lol. Boston has tons of bike lanes though, which is superb.

      • Jealous~ DC/MD/VA are just starting to get a bit more bike friendly. I think there’s a section in Arlington where they green-striped bike lanes.

        Does your workplace have a shower/gym?

        haha Sweaty McSweaterson. I have the same problem. But then again, there’s a gym/shower room where I work so it’s not too big of an issue. (Though still awkward).

        Or you could always take your bike to work on the bus or train or something, and then bike home, that way if you become grosstastic, it’s on your way home and no one would really care.

      • At least most cities have those rent-a-bike stations. It’s a positive step forward for the country.
        I wish I had a workplace… I’ll have to see. Although, my next big hope for a job is an hour driving commute based on where I live (I would do commuter rail later if we moved to that line), so I’m thinking the Matrix may be traded in for a Prius later this fall (I think way too ahead of myself).

        Thank you for the idea of public transit to work, and riding back… I never thought of that.

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