as seen on reddit…

Let’s be honest, I could write like, a bajillion posts with the title above, because Reddit really is the front page of the interwebs.

So, let me be clear that I did see this idea first on Reddit, so you all don’t get up in my knickers for just reposting Reddit content.

In this job search right now, I have gotten way too many rejection emails (why does no one call to break the news anymore?) and even more instances where the institution/organization never even acknowledges that I have taken time to apply to their institution (not even a computer generated email that is generic and easy).

So, what do I want to do in response to some of these positions that I would love to work in?  I’m thinking about writing a rejection to their rejection, something along these lines:

Dear Job AwesomeSauce,


Thank you for your latest rejection email responding to my recent application to your position.  However, due to the overwhelming amounts of rejections I have received in recent weeks, I have decided to reject your rejection, and am writing to tell you that I will be starting work with your organization on Monday, September 10th, 2012 at 8:30am.  Thank you for your time, and I look forward to working with you.


Joel Pettigrew


Yeah, I think that is a logical response.  I actually think I might pull that if my interview with Bridgewater State this Friday goes south (I really want this position, despite the commute, and honestly, the way the market has been going and patterns emerging, this might be my last good chance for the next few weeks.)

Now, I just need to decide if I’m going to pull a snarktastic post about “Job Requirements” and “Experience” later, especially pertaining to International Affairs (I feel a bit justified, because Eugene is going through the same exact thing with Architecture).

Oh goodness, how I feel like this.



3 thoughts on “as seen on reddit…

  1. One school I interviewed at didn’t ever contact me to let me know that I hadn’t gotten the job…I think they were waiting for me to say it so they would not have to reimburse me for travel expenses during my on campus interview. They wound up mailing me a letter at my old address MONTHS after I had moved and started my new position. In it, they included instructions for how to be reimbursed “if I wanted to”. Yes, yes I would like money.

    • Yeah, I think if a school is going to travel you in for an interview, they should invest in you. And, I don’t know, I don’t think it should be up to the candidate either to figure out the reimbursement. Brutal times.

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