an update on the search for coffee…

I lamented in one of my previous posts about the lack of good coffee shops in the immediate Allston/Brighton/Brookline area, but alas, I do believe I have found my answer to my cries for help.

Refuge Cafe

With good coffee, lots of good food options (including breakfast all day), free wi-fi, and 4 local brews on tap, this place appears to be a keeper.  Especially the whole brews on tap thing.  With the weather so nice right now, it has been great because they just keep the windows open and let the breeze flow through the place.  Being right on the corner of Harvard and Brighton Avenues also promises plenty of people and bad driving watching when your computer screen gets a little bored.

My only qualm is the hours though, and it doesn’t seem that they are just summer hours.  Staying open only til 8pm is not a way to attract your largest demographic in the area – college students – or me, who likes late night coffee house jaunts.

But the positives outweigh the negatives at this place, and I think it’s a keeper over Panera and the like.


Also, Dunkin Donuts Ice Coffee with cream and sugar is amazing, especially because the drink gets just sweet enough and then the remaining sugar granules settle at the bottom for a nice treat sip every now and then.  Try it.  You’ll be pleased.


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