the city dresses up nicely…

For some reason, our street, Chester St. is this ridiculous main thruway between Brighton Ave and Comm Ave on Friday and Saturday nights for late night craziness and drunkenly disorderliness.  It makes no sense.

We are smack dab in between two T stops, equidistant between Harvard Ave Stop and Packards Corner Stop, so they aren’t  going appearing at the end of street off of a train or something.  We even live in the middle of the street, so it’s not like we are getting Brighton and Comm Ave craziness.  They are legitimately using our street as a byway to bigger and better things.  The only store at the end of our street is a froyo shop.  Convenience stores are all down by Harvard Ave.  Bars are also all down there as well.  I just don’t get it.

Well, apparently these travelers of the night want to make sure the city feels dapper, hence, this well-dressed street sign.


I’m pretty sure I almost bought this tie on sale at GAP once.


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