this is not the path I dreamed for you…

I’m sorry, but this should not exist.  This branch of the evolution of social media should be pruned, or at least trimmed back.

The Original Like-A-Hug Vest site:

***Disclaimer before the rest of the post – I now work at MIT so I may or may not be treading the line badmouthing the invention of my new institution***

One primary criticism of social media in regards to today’s youth/today’s adults/today’s tech-generation is that it disconnects people from the real world interactions that has crafted who we are as a culture and society, prior to everything that is happening today.  Rather than tweeting at someone to set up dinner plans, I should call them.  Rather than GChatting a colleague across the hall, I should get my butt up and go chat with her (I honestly try to do this, I swear).

However, this, clothing that reacts to social media changes, does not sit well with me (granted, looking through the site a little bit more, this was more of a study in shape and play on communication.  I don’t think it works though.  Just like everyone hates poking (maybe not everyone, but even people who say they like poking are actually just lying), I think ‘liking’ is overrated, and does liking represent a hug?  Does posting a really freaking cute pic of your cat, which you get 250 likes on, 1- threaten your health (250 squeezes on your body?  That can’t be good) and 2-actually belong to your cat (stop using your cat for your own gains!)?  I don’t think that Facebook interactions can be represented by a physical interaction like a hug, because let’s also be honest, you could be getting hugged by that kid in high school who you actually forgot to defriend years after you left high school.

I would much rather take a running list of comments friends have posted on my updates/etc. that may better represent an actual discussion over a simple like on a Google Glasses type device than a vest which hugs me.  It’s always about moving deeper in social media and understanding how it influences/changes our lives.

This just feels like an awkward horizontal step in a weird direction.


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