in which I make fun of Fernando Torres…

If any of you are avid followers of the English Premiere League, you will know that Fernando Torres has become the butt of many jokes across the league in recent years, what with his epic misses, extremely long goal droughts, silly-money move to Chelsea, and devilishly cute grin (yeah, I snuck that in there… get over it.).

Well, it is that time of year, and Fernando Torres is the gift that just keeps giving.  This article was posted to Dirty Tackle, which if you are a fan of soccer, you have to read.  It is like the Onion of the football world.  In the post about Fernando being in Japan with club Chelsea for the Club World Cup (think World Cup, just with regular club teams instead of nations, and club teams that are the champions of their respective leagues, and does not matter one bit), he speaks with reporters about what got him started into soccer and how it relates to Japan.

“‘I remember when I was a kid, we couldn’t find the signal really well on TV, but everyone in school was talking about this cartoon about football, from Japan,’ he explained.’

It was a series called Oliver y Benji in Spain, and in Japan it was Captain Tsubasa, and these two young players started as youth team players, got into the national team, won the World Cup, and moved to Barcelona and Bayern Munich, then moved to Europe, so it was like a dream.’

I started playing football because of this, and because my brother forced me, and I loved the cartoon. I wanted to be Oliver, because he played out on the field and Benji was the goalkeeper. That was the first contact I had with Japan.'”

First of all, whut?  Fernando Torres starting playing footy 1. because of a cartoon and 2. because his brother bullied him into it?  Wow… I think there might be some deep-seeded reasons as to why he wasn’t scoring goals.

But, I also had to laugh about myself, because I knew exactly what he was talking about, because I have had a video about this series in my YouTube favorites for over a year now. Basically, it takes the intro scene of Captain Tsubasa and live-actions it with the cast of one of the many Japanese comedy sketch shows (which, if you have never watched one of these Japanese shows, you are dearly missing out.  I didn’t understand them, but they were hilarious just because of what was going on.)

So, therefore, in the interest of making fun of Fernando Torres, I give you Captain Tsubasa.


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