ipad dependent

This year at ACUI, I only brought my laptop with me as my source of conference technology (my phone doesn’t count since that is vital to, like, my lifeeeeee), and I must say, it has been an interesting experience.

It has worked well. Getting through security was easier, my bag is not as heavy, and I don’t have to worry about all the extras that come with the laptop (cords, dongles, carrying case). So, from an efficiency standpoint, it’s nice.

However, there are some elements that I’m still trying to get comfortable with. Jeff and I’s presentation is on Prezi, which has gotten much much better as an app in iPad (it used to be presentation only, now you can edit). However, there are still limits, so when I wanted to add a new video to our presentation, we had to jump on Jeff’s laptop to do so. I will need to really take a look at Keynote and other presentation software that is suited for the iPad if I’m going to keep doing this at conferences.

And, now, because I love you all, the obligatory gif with my posts.

How are your tech practices changing at conferences? What can conferences do to support this change?


One thought on “ipad dependent

  1. Looks like that cat is iPad dependent too!
    I took a lot from Michael Coleman’s presentation on keynote – I may delve into that one too!
    And, I always like when I get a shout-out from you in your posts. It makes me feel famous!

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