I have struggled with how vocal I wanted to be today, because I was sitting at home just hanging out as news rolled in of the bombings at the end of the Boston Marathon.

Eugene and I are both fine, I was at home, he was at work in South Boston.  We met up at my family’s house in Milton down south.

I’m just so sad about all this.  I was physically sick about the news as I had Al Jazeera’s live feed up, NPR Boston’s live radio going and twitter refreshing every 15second on three different screens.  I have always been an information junkie, and I just want to know.  I want to the know the truth about what happened, why it happened, and what we can expect next… but we should never jump to conclusions about all that information either.

I watched, but I tried my best to stay away from inflammatory retweets and tweets, I wanted only to try and contribute and add what I thought would be helpful and would not get in the way.  I got angry at the speculation and rumors that only slowed process down, but I was lifted by the stories and pictures of first responders and runners who had just finished turning around to help.

I’ve only lived in Boston for about 3/4 a year, but I have always loved the city, and my heart breaks for the unspeakable sorrow that has settled over our city tonight, on it’s yearly date with excitement and celebration.  What should have been an exciting and inspirational day has turned into one of just pure confusion and sadness.  That sadness cannot last, and will not last.  There is too much to do in the coming days and months to help ensure that Boston remains Boston, and that everything this city is about is stronger than any time before.

Bostonians are tough, fiercely loyal, and will see this through.  But, I think the greatest lesson we can take away today is from the runners, who persevere, go above and beyond their boundaries, and inspire us to reach for our own goals and dreams.


I’m sorry that I haven’t blogged in forever, I have about 6 drafts all sitting there waiting.  And I’m sorry this post is just a bunch of words about how I want to help and how sad I am for my city.  But that’s what this is for, I guess.  

All my thoughts are with Boston tonight and tomorrow, and with all of our many visitors who had their trips ruined by horrible people.


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