germany comes to wemberlee…

So, as the first all German Champions League final approaches at the end of this month in Wembley Stadium in London, many are turning their sights to the rosters of each team, and the trades between Bayern and BVB that will happen this summer.

Hah. That is so mainstream.

My analysis of course is about the kit design of each team.  So, let’s take a look at next season’s kits for each of the finalists, FC Bayern München and Borussia Dortmund, all while listening to the Champion’s League theme.


While this is only a mockup and nothing official has been seen yet, Bayern continues with a simple home red… with a nice, downplayed fabric design that matches their crests. Could we see 5 stars on this thing next year?

Bayern’s away kit, meh. I don’t get this design, although it is simple and easy. Why put a collar on 1 of the 3 jerseys… keep it consistent. The stripes and logo are brown, and it is anticipated that the paired shorts will be brown with goldish piping.

This is where Bayern wins. This third kit is exactly what a third kit should be. Something different, something unique. My only concern is the awkward neck color black/blue divide that doesn’t particularly match up with the main stripes on the shirt.


I like it. Black and yellow is BVB’s staple, and this changes up their design just enough. The primary concern is the faded relation to Man United’s current kit design, with the tablecloth design homage. We are not going to a picnic boys.






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