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Walking around campus, despite all the technological innovation and flatscreens a university could buy, paper is still king, with posters and flyers reigning supreme.  For offices and departments, it is also still one of the most efficient methods to post information for a long period for students to peruse at their leisure, especially in high traffic areas (the Infinite here at MIT is the perfect example).

However, I feel like a lot of offices, everywhere, not just my MIT peeps, lose the opportunity to brand themselves and get their contact information out there effectively when they post paper announcements/information boards for students to look at.  If you have your office name listed on the title slide only, you are losing an opportunity to ingrain recognition of your office’s name, logo, website, twitter handle into student’s minds, along with the information and resources you are presenting.

A second point to avoid, apart from not getting your name and brand out there, is using the Powerpoint themes that they have packaged up and ready to go.  Not saying you should never ever use them, but consider making your own.  Microsoft themes are super easy to recognize at this point, and often may not be conducive to a live presentation, and may also not help your case when printed out.  The uniformity look of switching from slide to slide that they bring does not translate over to when they appear all printed out on a wall as well.

Both of my points above lead to me a suggestion: take some time and develop a Powerpoint background for your office.  Get into Photoshop (or even on Powerpoint, really) and create a 1024×768 jpeg at 72dpi that showcases your office and your information consistently on each slide.  It’s easy to place these images as the background for every slide in a presentation each time you create a live presentation or printed information slides that is showcasing information and resources from your office.

A super basic SAO background template, with opportunities to include more information with ease.

A super basic SAO background template, with opportunities to include more information with ease.


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