#IPDS13 Wrap-Up

As others are departing for another union tour, and others are either traveling or have arrived home, I’m taking a few minutes to kind of gather some quick thoughts post conference about ACUI’s IPDS: New Professional Orientation.
It was an experience to say the least, with learning, networking, storytelling opportunities galore. A gathering of union professionals from around the country, ranging from staffs of one to staffs of a dozen, ranging from first day in the job to a few years under their belt, all with stories, questions, answers, and eagerness.

I think my biggest surprise honestly this week was when we were asked to raise our hands on whether this was our first ACUI event, which more than a third of our class did. I should have expected it, but it took me by surprise. The core competences, the College Union Idea, the regional restructuring task force, these were all being seen by completely new eyes, and I enjoyed getting to hear from my colleagues about their perspectives and perceptions on what ACUI is and what it might offer them. It gives me new perspective on my own approach to ACUI and the services and opportunities it offers. As with many, if not all, ACUI experiences, I leave it happy that I have made it my professional association of choice and that I have a lot to look forward to in the college union profession.

Whether it was supervision, assessment, or just getting to chat with seasoned Union Directors, there was something to take home from each day of the conference. Additionally, and I said this my first night here, this has been a good centering opportunity. After my first six months in the job at MIT, the chance to take a week, and get back to the basic tenets of our profession, the core competencies, was a good one to take. I leave with tangible resources and extended ideas to bring back to my campus, the mark of a solid and enriching ACUI experience.

It’s funny when you go into something always hearing that you will come out with a strong bond and cohort of colleagues, and I have heard many times about past IPDS reunions at ACUI international conferences. Sometimes it is true, sometimes not so much. IPDS is a true case. I look forward to many future #ipds13 reunions.

–Submitted via IPad so excuse any errors.


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