writing about reading…

Stealing from and inspired by the wondrous Amma Marfo and spurred on by GoodReads doing a book challenge for the year, I have now added a Books page to my blog to track what I have read (and hopefully hold myself accountable to reflect on them) and explore what I want to read next.

A couple of things about this.

1. Most of you know, Eugene and I don’t have Cable TV, just Netflix and Hulu.  This is good because I could never have imagined not being able to binge watch the final season of Breaking Bad in one day.  This is bad because I miss easy access to sports… although this does mean I get to go to bars to watch sports, and yay bars!  But, this whole no TV situation has spurred me to read more, and I have gotten into an adult like groove where I can sit still for numerous amounts of moments and read.  It’s grrrrrrreat.  Also, having a 30 minute ride on the Red Line back and forth between Dorchester and MIT makes reading so much easier/timely/enjoyable because it is just enough time to get deep into the book.

Even werewolves read.

2. The Book List I have included in my blog is not at all the whole extent of my list, nor is it all the books on my Amazon Wish List.  That thing is long, very long.  But that’s ok.  I don’t at all expect to read all the books on that list, in fact I put my GoodReads 2014 Reading Challenge at 35 books.  But, it’s there, I’ve written it down, and I can hold myself accountable to it.

I want to be Rapunzel. I want to.

3. Consider this the extent of my One Word/New Year’s Resolution for the year.  I don’t do either of those because I’m a grumpy man who has a grumpy polar bear soul.  I don’t believe in those things for reasons.  So, yeah, this, the reading thing, and participating in the Get Fit Challenge at MIT this winter/spring, are my version of resolutions and a one word. Deal with it.

So let’s read. Let’s read at bars.  Let’s read on the couch.  Let’s read in the Boston Common.  Let’s read at work.  Let’s read on the T.  Let’s read at ACUI 2014 Orlando.  Let’s read under the ICA overhang.  Let’s read.

Let’s Read.



2 thoughts on “writing about reading…

  1. Matt and I don’t have TV either and it’s GREAT! Just Netflix. Matt plays more computer games. I read more books and Internet things. I don’t miss TV. 😀

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