follow up on funny things…

So, as you may be aware, if you follow me on twitter, or read this blog, I am very excited for CronkNews to come to town with their new workshop, There’s Something Funny.  I have been pitching, begging, and generally doing everything a polar bear can to get people to register.

Stahpppp washing me!!! I have to go do There’s Something Funny work!

I even decided to offer a scholarship for free registration to the workshop, detailed in this previous post.  I had no idea what to expect with this process, but I was super amazed and pleased that a few grads and professionals decided to go ahead and apply for this thing.  Their applications were each uniquely them, hilariously funny, a pleasure to read, and boded well for what this workshop will bring us all together to do.

These applicants didn’t just answer my questions, they gave me the schematics for a ROFLCopter.

One of our runners up, Justin Townahhhhhh, is a retired Wahlberg brother, although he retains the rights to their accents.  His favorite color is pineapple, and he is currently a graduate student at UMass Lowell, where he also holds a position as Lead Head Assistant Temporary Project Liaison of Residential and Athletic Beard Trimming.

Oh, you will do some high-soaring in our field Townahh.

Our other runner up, Paul Gordon Brown, is a PhD candidate at BC… British Columbia Broccoli Chicken, not Boston College.  He is a former wild newt wrangler, despises anything related to technology, and maintains an extremely popular blog titled “I Despise Anything Related to Technology” which he manages from his IPhone 10 (he has one, you don’t, so get over it).

Paul’s IPhone 10, which you don’t have… punk.

Our winner of the Humorous Polar Bear Scholarship of Humor though, good for 1 payment of $75 dogecoins so they don’t have to pay for registration is…


Bethany Tuller!  Bethany is a recently graduated grad student who is looking for gainful employment in the goat photography field… or something… I don’t know, but her application had a lot of goat mentions.  She is looking for a job, so you should probably hire her right now, even though I just saved her a ton of money with this scholarship AND by switching her to Geico.  The quote that I’m stealing from her, because that was in the fine print of this adventure, and embroidering on a pillow for my non-existent work couch is:

Sure, serious stuff happens, but we don’t work at the Pentagon. Let’s have fun.

“Elmo contacts the Pentagon” or “It’s Bethany’s world and we are all just living in it.”

I’m beyond ecstatic that Justin, Paul, and Bethany took some time to fill out this application, and this process or not, I know that both Leah W. and I are both reallllllllly eager to see these three folks at There’s Something Funny on the 20th!

We also hope to see you there too!  Make sure you check out faster than immediately, register, and bring your Green Book to Revere on the 20th… where we will instruct you to do as such:

*SuperBlogTurboLifeHack: Skip to 1:45 since the YouTube skip ahead embed code isn’t playing nicely*

… oh, we aren’t doing that to Chickering and Kohlberg…?  Oh, heh, my bad.  

… well, in other news… Congrats Bethany and Thank You Thank You Thank You to Paul and Justin, and to them and to the rest of you in New England, see you on June 20th in Revere for There’s Something Funny!


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