bite into a book…

Hahahaha, you get it? Get it? Because Luis Suarez bites people during soccer, but when you read, you are figuratively biting into a book!!  Hahahahahaha.

Not Luis Suarez.

So, imagine my joy when a couple of cool things (soccer, brackets, and books) all got mashed up into one bigger, cooler thing yesterday when I stumbled upon it: The World Cup of Literature!   Much like my fashion post a couple of weeks ago, this project, from Three Percent at the U of Rochester, pits top international fiction from each of the 32 World Cup countries against each other.  Also like my fashion post, the results are quite different from what’s happening on the pitch.

Via 3 Percent – click to see bigger and such.

I did not recognize like 90% of these books, but they are all pretty much now in my Amazon Wish List queue.  Although, I have been planning to read Japan’s entry, 1Q84, by Haruki Murakami for some time, and will get to it during July vacays.  Seriously, if you have not read Murakami, you are missing out.

What do ya’ll think?  Like the list?  Have ya’ll read any of these?  Go USA!

My reading face.


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